Kristýna Peldová

Dancer, performer, choreographer, pedagogue

Kristýna Peldová (photo: Karolína Šnajdrová)

Kristýna Peldová (formerly Šajtošová), (1994, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) is an artist who expresses herself as a dancer, performer, choreographer, and teacher. Her artistic path began at the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague, where she graduated. She continued her education and obtained a Bachelor’s degree at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. In 2016, she started working with the Spitfire Company, where she became a key member of the productions. Since 2017 she has been artistically active in Slovenia, where she has participated in numerous important projects and performances.

NEST Platform:
In 2020, Kristýna, together with Urška Centa, Sara Janašković and Anja Möderndorfer, played a crucial role in the founding of the Slovenian art institute Platforma NEST. Platforma NEST brings together artists with different poetics who work together todevelop cross-genre visions.

In 2023, Kristýna, together with Eliška Benešová, Karolína Šnajdrová and Tereza Krejčová, founded the dance group “23 Poems” in the Czech Republic. “23 Poems” is a collective dedicated to various forms of artistic expression, with a focus on promoting cross-genre, cross-generational and international collaboration. Under the auspices of “23 Poems”,” the following creative works have been produced: dance performances, music, scenography, dance films and photography.
In addition to their artistic work, “23 Poems” organise movement events that are open to a wide audience, from dance students to professionals and from children to senior citizens. These events take place in various locations, from dance studios to outdoor venues. (Video)

Path of teaching:
Parallel with her interpretations and choreographies, Kristýna is also expanding her teaching activities. Since 2017, she has been actively sharing her dance experience and choreographic principles in dance classes and intensive workshops.